Sometimes all you need is a lunch with a friend❤️

Good evening all and how was your day? I guess you’re all up in the wrapping, decoration and all the preparation that comes with this time of year?

Today’s post is a happy post and I most tell you, I had a lovely time today. I finally got to see my good friend Hilde again after to long. I became friends with her here in Malta and we have only met two times before. But seems like we have known each other for years. We talk almost very day and she has become really precious to me;)

So today I took the bus early to Valletta, the capitol of Malta , and we went for a hot chocolate at Costa coffee. Mmmmm I just love costa. We sat there and talked and talked. I really love that I can be myself completely with her. She really listen and care. And today that was exactly what I needed.

Then she took me to a really nice place for lunch. Scaccia grill. The atmosphere was so good and the service the best. And the food!! Omg !!

You pick the meat and the side dish yourself from the counter. And they have something for everyone. Also gluten-free bread and fries.

I’m so happy she took me there. I love to experience new places and to eat good food. And since we both loves steak , this was the perfect place.

This woman is always smiling ☺️

And she surprised me today !! She brought me a Christmas. ( was also from her husband) And what did she gave me??? Perfume!!! And it was the one I have wanted for a while now❤️ I felt spoiled and can’t wait to wear it.

So to summon up the day, this was just perfect, and I need it. After such a long time without feeling able to go somewhere by bus because of my anxiety, she got me there . And I’m proud of myself for doing it. I can’t wait until next time.

Ty Hilde💜

Now it’s United on tv and soon dinner with my better half. Have a nice one folks and take care.

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