Fear of fear itself…

This is something I’m thinking about a lot and ofc experience so often. When the fear of anxiety gives me anxiety. And that’s the moments that makes you completely out of control and without understanding.

When you live with anxiety for years , you find a way to work trough most of the panic attacks and hours or days with fear. But when the fear comes this far, it just feels hopeless.

Take the bus, go shopping, taking a phone-call or even a shower can get your heart rate raise fast. You feel the sweat in your hands and you get dizzy. You just wanna crawl up and be invincible . To feel safe again.

Why? What are you afraid of?

I ask myself this every time my anxiety comes so out of the blue and knock me down. I wish I had the answer and could fight this bloody demon.

Yes we all have worries, or feel fear. And even anxiety in some level. But the biggest difference here is that when you experience there’s nothing to fear, your mind remembers that and you can move on. When you have fear for anxiety you can hear a sound, see a thing or your mind simply remembers something and push the panic button. Without you even noticing it!!!!

I went to a family dinner not long ago and it happened. I was sitting there and having a good time, talking and felt safe. 10 min later in the middle of the conversation , it hit me like a rock in the head… And I got so scared and mad. I had to sit there and struggle with it for over an hour. And I was exhausted. And there was absolutely no reason why I should feel any fear at that place.

Only ppl who has experienced this, can know what I’m talking about. It’s simply not something you can «understand».

So if someone ever tells you about their fear.. don’t ever say: well, we all have our worries or I also get scared. Because to tell someone when your in that state of mind, is as scary as the anxiety itself …

To all of you who struggle with anxiety : you’re not alone! Don’t be afraid to open up about it. Make the fear less powerful and never ever be ashamed❤️


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    1. Ty love😘 you’re support means so much. And to have others sharing that I’m also not alone helps. Ofc I wish we all didn’t have to suffer this at all. But we are stronger than most other

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