Social accepted to not drink?

Want a beer? Oh you’re not drinking? Why? Are you on meds? Isn’t that boring?

All these questions and many more has been asked me several times since I decided to stop drinking. It’s been over 7 years for me, and it was the best decision for me. No I’m not a former alcoholic, but yes I used to be an addict.

I used to like to party, have «fun» out with friends like any other in their 20’s. But I starter to get more anxiety the days after and yes I started on new medication that made me feel sick. But the real reason I stoped was when I started to black out, and had one incident I don’t liked at all. So I decided I wanted to stay sober. Wanted to be in control and not feel ill for days. I was 30 at the time and also in a relationship where alcohol made him act bad.

I still went out, all my friends were drinking and I still had fun. Ofc it really opened my eyes because I saw how stupid and selfish many of them became after to many drinks.

And then the questions came. It’s like there has to be something wrong with me since I don’t wanna drink! Every time ppl wanna do something there was alcohol involved. Trying to have a barbecue or something , it always ended up ppl drank heavy and started to stress about going out.

I respect that you drink, so why can’t you respect that I don’t?

I’m so tired of the fact that I get less invited to events because I don’t drink, and to out means that there’s drunk ppl everywhere. When you have anxiety that makes you even more stressed. Doesn’t feel safe at all.

So I usually end up home, or go out just to eat and then back home. I respect that ppl drink. But I don’t respect when they change their whole personality and force it on me.

Sometimes I’ve been out, and someone has been sober just for that night. And after a couple of hours they have often asked me: How can you be sober every time? They are exhausted of all the noice and also even embarrassed how ppl behave. And still they keep on acting like that.

Do I miss drinking sometimes? Yes ofc. To have wine or a beer in the sun would be nice. But I have decided to be without, since I don’t feel safe enough to drink.

So my point here I think is that it’s not social to not drink anymore. Everywhere you go there’s alcohol and I actually feel like an social outcast.

This is also a thing I don’t like when ppl are drunk. They just have to talk about all the stuff that happened the last 10 years and it’s like an old record. And the problems they can’t handle sober seems a good idea to handle while drunk. And how easy is it to understand a person 5 am in the morning after to many beers or drinks?

Well, I’m almost 40 years old , living with my mental illness and sober. To be social and make new friends gets harder and harder.

What’s your opinion about alcohol and social events???

Have a nice day all🙂


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  1. Your post is really inspiring. You’ve had a difficult time and chosen to stay away from something that made you feel uncomfortable. Well done! You’re going against the tide, and that’s difficult but you’ve stuck with it, another well done! I know Muslims have been misrepresented SO much recently and I don’t mean this to be a political post but there SO MANY of us living a very happy, beautiful and sober life. You’re not alone!xx

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  2. I could very well relate to your post.. People have their preferences which are better left unjudged.. I hope that someday things will change!
    Thank you for sharing the post. I liked reading it.😀
    Please do check out my work. I hope you will like it, do let me know!😋😊

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