Today I wanna write, again, something that’s really personal and not so easy to share. Christmas!!!

Every day now I read blogs, tweets, news and adds etc etc… And it’s so much about gifts, what to get and what to give. Decorations, food, family, snow and how cheerful this time is. And the only thing I actually wish is that I felt that way. I try so much to find joy over some of it. Yes I love the lights, but for me it’s not because of Christmas.

Why Christmas is hard for me:

Every day in December , I am reminded what I miss out on with my own kids, family and that we are so many who’s not in that «happy» Christmas mood. For me and so many others this holidays is hard and depression gets stronger . And I have bad conscious for my kids every time. This is the 5th Christmas I’m without them and it’s not getting easier. Soon they are all grown up and all you can do is get reminded on all you’ve missed out.

I’m not self pity here and want anyone to feel sorry for me, but I actually do myself. It feels unfair. Why should I care about all the fancy gifts ppl talking about, their decorations? And how good their candles smell? It’s really hard to get all this over your head all day . Can’t even open my Facebook or anything without feeling a bit low. I guess that’s why I’m not blogging so much now and try to keep myself occupied with other stuff.

So I wanna be honest here… Christmas is not about all that material stuff. It’s about giving something good to others. Be together and spend time on your family and friends. I think they rather have coffee and time then a new lipstick. Write Christmas cards to the whole family! So many things we can do to make someone smile.

In this time ppl forget about this. It’s all about money, gifts, and food and how pretty all looks. And our kids will be the same if we not turn it around.

So take some time and think…. don’t take for granted the time you have with the ppl you love.

Enjoy the holiday and each other💙

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  1. I absolutely despise this time of year. I hate everything about it and just feel forced to get through the day. It’s been like that my whole life pretty much. The music is depressing and just makes me physically sick. It is really strange when I see people dancing around. I feel sorry but in the same moment I’m glad that I’m not the only one who feels that way… great post,

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  2. There’re children who only get a few things at Christmas while others get loads of presents. There’re people sitting in a corner on the street, a sharp contrast to the shiny Christmas decorations.

    You’re right that Christmas is about giving something to others. Compassion & Love.

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