Early Christmas with the kids in Norway

December, snow, lights, presents and sooo cold.. We had a really good time last week.

I went to Norway for my early Christmas with the kids. Yes, I can tell it’s a bit weird to have it so early, but I do the best out of every time . My boys seemed they had an awesome time and got everything the wishes for.

I don’t wanna write a long post, so I just share the pictures with some comments for you:)


The first day was not the worst, with only -3 degrees and it was beautiful outside:

Like always I have to much fun with the Snapchat filter and my boys are the cutest santas❤️ AS you can see it got colder.. -8

We went to Oslo since they wanted to buy their own presents and we had so much fun.. They decided everything , so I just followed. We walked a lot, just looking for the perfect gifts. Since they clothes or shoes you can only imagine how many stores we went trough . And they say us girls are crazy when it comes to shopping???!!!😂😂😂

But they ended up with a really cool outfit! And the same on actually:

And what’s a day of shopping without a visit to Starbucks ??

Yes!!! First time ever they wrote my name right.. And my name isn’t that hard to either pronounce or write, but still I end up with something ridiculous 😲 so cress to this guy!!

Chocolate pizza!!

Okey… this was a bit weird…It’s actually pizza with all chocolate. You bake it in the oven and it’s so damn sweet. But the kids loved it!!!

And some more Norwegian Christmas sweets:

First one is «julemarsipan» Christmas marsipan.. it’s one of my favorites.

Second one is «julebrus» . It’s sweet red soda and it’s sooo good❤️

I also got two Christmas presents from my youngest kid:

Until next time, enjoy the season and take care💜

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