My first days of december

First of all, sorry for no post or little comments on yours, but since I’m away and with my kids, the social media comes way down on the list!

So it was the end of November and December said hello with some snow and it’s cold when I ent to Norway again. I’m not a winter person, or the biggest Christmas fan. But snow and all the lights and decorated trees even makes me in a bit of Christmas mood.

I left malta last Saturday, havin 20 degrees and enjoyed the sun. And when I landed in Norway I immediately start freezing my ass off!! And I’ve been cold since. I’m not used to this kind of weather , or having to sleep in a pj with socks on..

Today, one week later , I’m staring to feel more normal. And I’m leaving in two days.

This week I’ve been with my kids and we are really having a great time. A post about all that is coming up later. Now I just wanna spend all my time with family and friends here;)

What’s your first days of December been like??



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