Words don’t mean a shit without….?????

Today’s short blog is also very personal. But still it’s something so many of you can relate to….

Trough my 38 years on this earth I have learned this the hard way. Time and time again ppl have giving me impression they will be there, understands and made promises. But suddenly they turn around and use all against me. The things they told me I should be proud of and done right is now all wrong and I’m a bad person.

I have a problem that I used to trust to easily and I’ve been burned. It has made me careful and trust doesn’t come easy. If you hurt me or lie I will never forget it. Yes I can get over it, but that takes effort from the other person.

The worst part is that I’ve turned it around and made it about me. That it’s my fault ppl have lied, cheated and stoped caring. And in the end I really believed I’m the one to blame.

So for me if you tell me something, stick to it. Yes mistakes will be made but don’t take it for granted that you can hurt someone and they will always take your excuse.

We all have the power to forgive and forget. That’s what loves all about. But sometimes you don’t have more to give.

I don’t regret the choice I have made to shut many ppl out of my life. I deserve to get treated good and their actions is what it’s all about.

So be good and show ppl what you want, your love and devotion. It doesn’t take that much!!



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