The Liebster Award!

wow!  TINA got another award! A few says ago the sweet girl Kirsty awarded me with Liebster award. I’m so honoured and ofc i excepted it when she asked ❤ I hope you take you’re time to check out her blog and answers here .


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their post.
  • Answer the 11 questions they asked you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers, with your own set of questions.
  • Tag your chosen 11 bloggers, and don’t forget to tell them as well!


The 11 questions chosen for me to answer are:

  1. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging earlier this year after a long time of writing my journal. I actually first had a norwegian blog but wanted to reach out to the world:)

     2.Why did you start a blog?

I wanted to share my new life and my experiences with other ppl. Since i have been trough a lot i hoped i may make a diffirence. I also did it as a form of therapy and hobby… You can say i was pretty bored:P

3,Did anyone inspire you to create your blog, if so, who?

Actually i have followed some norwegian bloggers on tv and i was curious, And my fiance was the one who actually made me do it for real and he also is my biggest fan:)

4.What are your favourite  types of blog posts to read and write?

My absolute favorite blogs are the ones that comes from the heart. Some have actually made my cry. And the ones about family,kids and mental health since i can relate and write a lot about that too.

5.What is your favourite  TV series?

Oh that’s  so many. I watch a lot of them. But for me it’s about the supernatural. Vampire Diaries, The Originals, but also Dinasty, Riverdale and Big Bang Theory… So you can say it depends on my mood:)

 6.What goals do you have for yourself and your blog?

Well, i just have a goal that i will be a better writer, dare to give more of myself and just enjoy this as something i really are good at. This blog has made me aware of more about myself and i hope that will continue.

  7.Who are your favourite YouTubers to watch?

Eeeeh, kinda embarrassing,but i don’t follow anyone on you tube..besides when my sons are putting something out there. I’m still pretty new in all this so give me some time:P

      8.What is your all-time favourite makeup product?

I’m not a big time make up user but i just love the mascara from L’oreal. False lash X fiber.. Makes my lashes incredible….

9.What is something that you are passionate about?

I van say at once i’m a really passionate about  my kids, friends, fiance and my home. I’m kinda old fashion women who likes to help and take care of others.

10.Where would be your dream place to visit?

VEGAS BABY!!! And The Maldives. Two so diffirent places but there’s some thing that triggers my curiousity.

  11.What is something you would like to achieve before 2017 ends?

I have actually already achieved it… I was so lucky to get engaged to my wonderful man ❤

My nominated 11 bloggers are:

The Shining Game

Synnove Polaris


Blushy Darling


Mommy Thomas Blog


Jade J





My 11 questions for you are:

  1. What’s your favorite drink and why?
  2. The song that makes you’re day better?
  3. What do you do in you’tr spare time?
  4. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?
  5. Dogs or cats?
  6. What makes you most happy?
  7. Best gift you ever given to someone?
  8. How much time do you spend on social media?
  9. Where are you in 5 years?
  10. Cinema or couch at home?
  11. You’re best advice for the new bloggers out there?

This posts are so fun to write and i cant wait to read your’s… Make sure you tag me so i can read your answers:)

And to all of you fellow bloggers: have a great weekend and have fun!!!!

love and peace ❤





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  1. Thank you again for the nomine and also for the constant support you give me! I really appreciate, that being said, I already did this tag but I’ll answer to you q’s here in the comments, cause they are just sooo good to be skipped, hope that will work too 😀
    1. Coffee, cause I don’t like alchool too much, I like the reach taste of the coffee and the energy that it gives me.
    2. Awkward me says that I like to lip sync whenever I’m having a bad day, it instantly makes my day better and I usually lip sync taylor swift cause I know all the words of almost every song 😀
    3. Watch Netflix and surf on the internet(instagram and pinterest)
    4. Ohh when one of my post that I worked so hard on didn’t get a lot of views/love because my promo pic was confusing and didn’t attract a lot of people.. it broke my heart but you know, it’s just a post.
    5.Doggies I have two, but I like cats too, I like animal in general.
    6. At the moment my blog but usually my dogs make me laught so hard.
    7. Random but my sister always dreamed of Victoria’s Secrets lingerie so for her bday I got her some and she had no idea I was saving to buy it: her face when she saw the bag was priceless: she was like: no you didn’t… it’s just the bag.. Ahahah She taught I use the bag to package something else hahahaha
    8. Too much XD but I’m also trying to make blogging my career so am I justified right? ahah
    9. Away from Rome, hopefully in London, blogging full time 😀
    10. I love going to the cinema but realistically I never go, so couch and netflix XD
    11. Be kind and work hard, if you know want to professionally blog treat it like a job from day 1 and no followers, be always gratefull to every follower, like or comment never take your fans for granted.

    Thank you again for tagging me, I was having a bad day and writing this helped me to zone out 😀 xxx

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    1. Ty so much love for answering the questions❤️ I love you’re blog and you always take your time to answer everyone and make me smile often;) And ty for be a big support for me this time💙

      Likt av 1 person

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