A daily reminder…

Another short, but important post!!!

First of all, good evening everyone and I’m keeping it short today since I’m sick and don’t feel like moving at all;)

This message above is something I really try to remind my self of . It’s easy to say, yet so hard to live by. You feel like giving up, no end of the struggles and you’re just exhausted. But somehow those good days still comes . Yes, as a surprise from time to time. And those days you are so ready to live by this and feel you can rule the world!

Lately this words has been extra hard to believe in, so even more important to remind my self. Lucky for me I have a fiancé and friends that also reminds me..( even though I don’t always believe them). But they care and they see what I can’t see.

I get embarrassed when ppl give me compliments.. I feel it’s not for me to get, like I don’t deserve it. I don’t know why I react like this from time to time…. ofc I have learned and I say thank you and it gets easier.

You create you’re own future

In many ways that’s true… not always the future you hoped for in the first place, but you take the choices along the way. Many ppl will do stuff and things will happen that will change your path. You can think about what if… or think about what next!!!

So take the case as it is, and not how you or others wanted or expected it to be. If your not happy, than make sure you get there!! Starting with you!!!

Best wishes for the rest of the week to you all<3


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