Today’s message!

Hello you beautiful people….

Today I wanna keep the post short. Not because I’m lazy or out of ideas . I’m more tired, dizzy and feel like sometimes less is more. You don’t have to say to much to get out a message.

Today’s important message :

For me this is really something I need to remind myself more often. I intend to give to much to others, even thou I don’t have the energy. To say no can be hard when you wanna please everyone . You’re afraid they won’t like you or turn their back on you.

And when you struggle with mental issues it’s not good to burn the candle in both ends. So to take care of you , your needs and learn to say no is something that should come first!!!

You deserve to be happy, energetic and let other ppl also take care of you 💙

With this I wanna wish you the best evening and do something good for yourself today;)


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