How serious do you take your blog?

Here I am… late in the evening on a Saturday . And I can really say this day has been full of good stuff. After a night without to much sleep it still felt good to get out of the house. I’ve been having a period where my anxiety took over and I didn’t feel like doing much. 

My fiancé cleaned the car, before we drove out to a store called Jysk. We were looking for a coffee table. We ended up in a store called JB. It’s more like a small IKEA . Here is what we ended up with:

But over to today’s blog theme. I see most of you blog every day, maybe write several in one day to have them ready. I’m more of a in the moment blogger. And sometimes I really don’t have anything on my mind or even feel like sharing it. My blog means so much to me, but I don’t think I need to write everyday. I love to read all of your posts. And I has mentioned before, I read them close to every day! I also try follow up on twitter and Instagram. Damn, it’s like a full time job….

But I hope you all like my post when I finally post them:) my life is not the most exciting, but still my mind is full of experience and stuff I wanna share sooner or later. 

When I first started I had just like 5 followers and I couldn’t even imagine how big this world was. I also admire those who do this so good and with passion. 

What’s your most important part of blogging???

Have a great weekend💜


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  1. Blogging to me, is an extremely interesting habit one can develop. Not only it motivated me to read other people, it also shaped up my writing, helped me improve my skills. Blogging is like a many in one package and helps in a wholesome development of your personality. That being said, I’ll continue to blog for a long time, sometimes maybe daily, other times, maybe not, but I will always come back.


  2. I feel like blogs can be just as personal when they’re spontaneous. Sometimes I’ll write every day for 3/4 days and then not write for just as long. I don’t plan and have blogs ready to submit like a lot of people do. While that works for some, that doesn’t work for me. That doesn’t mean that I take my blog any less seriously, I just can’t justify putting something out there if I’ve not put my own effort into it. Some people have the ability to churn out great blog after great blog but there are blogs out there that just post rubbish to get the daily blog in, that I just can’t do. Each to their own at the end of the day xx You do you! Love the new coffee table, where did you get that rug though?!

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