Our October was….

Wow it’s already November and I’m really not ready for winter or Christmas that’s just around the corner. But I’m kinda glad also that October is over . It’s been insanely stressful. We moved twice in 4 weeks and my fiancé started he’s new job at the same time. He works ,as I have told you before shift, so I’m alone a lot. And to sit and wait for all to be done and I can finally “relax” felt so far away.

Also the anxiety really gave me something to work on… and along with the long lasting depressing I can’t even understand how I managed to handle it all. Yes I know I’m strong as hell, but do I have to be all the time?

October was lucky for us still pretty warm here in Malta . We even got sunburned one day… haha Norwegians like us never learn😜 But the days we had out at the penthouse with music, barbeque and cold drinks really saved us. But i can’t comlain about 30 degrees in october when i’m used to snow and -3 in Norway.

Other exciting things was the candle light festival you can read about here !

I also finally got my septum piercing:) And i must say i don’t regret it a sec!!! So i don’t think i will ever wait that long again to do something i really want:)

So here we are…finally in out new place and i hope this will feel like a real home. It’s still very unpersonal for me , so i wanna fix it up more.

As you can see it’s not so much to update on our october,but hopefully my next post will be more exciting to read:P I gave gad what you say , a writers block? Didn’t feel like writing or sharing at all, so hopefully today is a new beginning for me!

What’s your plan for the next month???



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