Ty so much all my followers!!

Today I hit 100 followers and I was pleased to see how many wanted to follow my blog. First I must say that I’m not the type of blogger who hunts for likes, views or comments. What really means the world to me , is that I can share my stories, experiences and dare to show pieces of me I’ve been hiding. 

I see so many are so busy putting out how many thousand followers they have. But do they follow everyone them self ? Do they take time to read their posts ? 

I can honestly say I have read about 99,99% of all the posts my fellow bloggers put out. It takes some time , but it’s worth it. I learn so much and get ideas for my own posts. Sometimes I even write my own posts so late because I’ve been busy reading others 😂

But keep up the good work everyone❤️ And any feedback you might have now or in the future are more than welcome:)

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      1. You’re welcome, and it is a nice place to be too, so much to learn if you actually read other people’s posts. For example, I didn’t even know a country by the name of Malta existed before I came across your blog.

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      2. Hehe exactly;) so the internet can be awesome and so are blogging. Sharing our experiences and feel a part of something;) Even I didn’t knew about Malta until last june😜

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