Still not done!

Good morning all:) How was your weekend? I can really say that our was insanely stressful and we’re still not done. We met some “small obstacles on the way… like when the elevator decided that it was a great time to destroy the door with me in it!! Lucky for me I got out with help from my friend. I couldn’t even imagine how it would be if I was alone. 

Since we were moving in to the penthouse, yeah on the 5th floor, you can imagine it was not funny to sit and wait for the mechanic to come. Half of our stuff was still in the elevator and we just had to wait. But late in the evening it got fixed and we could continue to move.

I’m not normally this unorganized , but since half of this ain’t my stuff we just needed to move it fast. 

This was Friday…. and on Saturday the elevator got broken again!! Haha so we went to the old apartment and the guys took a break with football and a beer.

I was cleaning the kitchen😂 Fair share of work!??? Haha no they worked actually really hard. And we all needed some time off. 

Like I said before we are still not all done. Have to at least one load left from the old place and then the cleaning.  So hopefully we will be done before Friday. Both of the guys are working and I don’t drive.

About the other small obstacles…. we don’t have any cold water in the kitchen, no water for the washing mashin and only cold water in my friends shower!!! How can that be??? Only place the water works is in our bathroom🙈 So this is pretty annoying . The laundry and dish are getting bigger and bigger. We have tried to call for help but no answer. 

Well here in Malta you get kinda used to wait:p 

But one thing I’m really happy about: We finally have internet!!!!!! So I have a lot of catching up to do with reading your blogs and twitter and all👍

Have a great day all and more posts will come this week;) 


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