A fast post today

Hi all you lovekey one and happy friday😁 At least it’s happy for us. We finally got the key and the contract so now we’re moving in to our new apartment. But first I needed to clean the whole place. And that was no joke I can tell you!!! The apartment is brand new , so it’s fine dust and sand everywhere . And with white walls you can see everyone’s fingerprints😂

But since that’s what it takes to get plus in here I was more than happy to. Now I’m laying on the couch, havin a 10 min break before cleaning and put everything in its place. We don’t get internet until Monday so that’s why I want blog a lot until after the weekend:)

Also started out with an awesome lunch today. Egg and bacon and ice cold coke… Energy well needed I can tell you. Have a small cafe around the corner here called A1. Makes the best baguettes ever!!!

More pictures and update on the moving will come later:) I’m soooooo damn happy now❤️ Have a great day all 😉



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