Catching the precious moments❤️

Today I’m a bit in the mood for talking about the small precious moments.  Sometimes we are so busy, and we forget to stop and see what’s right in front of us. 

I love to take pictures and when I was looking through my albums I found one of my favorite. This is my brother and he’s best friend. They were standing in the water and the sun was low. They just stood there for a long time and I just have to capture the moment:)

This is taken in Norway where I’m from. Called Oslo fjord. The weather was perfect that day, as the rest also was. 

For me to see my brother so calm and happy made me happy!!! We have been through hell and back togheter , and sometimes it’s hard to be apart so much. So this day I know we will always remember in our heart.

When you struggle with mental illness or having rough times, this moments means the world ! You’re shoulders are coming down and you can finally breathe . You’re living again!!! 

This is taken the same day. My brother sat there and kinda shut out the world. I guess he almost forgot we were there for a moment. 

So don’t let your moments pass you bye. Live for them. Love with all of your heart… Share the time with the ppl you want… And no regrets💙

So I wanna take my time to thank all my followers for your support and feedback. You are all amazing❤️

And to my children, fiancé, family and best friend: I love you with all my heart and soul❤️

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