Weekend update ☺️

Good evening ppl. How was you’re weekend? Me and my better half now sits here with candle lights and some music. Right now it’s John Legend with “All of me”. It’s one of our song. So it’s pretty romantic. 

Earlier this weekend we haven’t done so much actually. We’re pretty tired both of us. But took a trip out to Sliema to buy some hair color for me and I took my new piercing:

I have wanted to do this for so long. Was actually gonna ask about the price, but like 15 min later it was all done😂. My fiancé was so sweet holding my hand. ( I’m such a coward when it comes to this) 

Today we had a lovely Sunday. The weather was amazing. We took out the car for a drive . Now it’s good to have a convertible 😉 We decided also to have a barbeque. And at the store we found pork belly!! Mmm just love it. And with baked potato, homemade garlic butter and corn this was awesome !!

Hehe as many other couples in love we celebrate our 15 months togheter❤️

My fiancé light som candles and we just enjoyed the food and time togheter:) Doesn’t take much to have some romance in our lives 🙂

Rest of the evening is just chill and maybe some football:)

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