Just one more week!!!

Good evening to y’all and what’s up at this Friday night? Myself I’m here after a few hours of gaming, laying on the couch with a serie. This time it’s The Tudors. Maybe more of a chick serie, but a lot of history here. So if you want something easy entertaining and a lot of love, this is just for you…

But what I was going to write about, is that this morning we paid the deposit on our new apartment!!! It’s still not completely finished, but they said next Friday we can move in☺️☺️☺️ Sonow it’s just to have some patient ( eeeh don’t know where to find that) and be exited. I guess best time to shorten the waiting is to start packing. And I really hate that. I’ve moved so many times in my life I actually could be a professional mover🙈 Still I give up the organized packing and just shove it down in every bag or case I have… But it works, so why change it!!!

I may have shared before but I do it again:

All brand new and just for us to make it a home. It’s also so close to everything, so this will be a good change for us. Can’t wait to buy some plants and get some pictures in here. Also there’s gonna come outdoor couches and a table. The thing I’m really looking forward to is the new bed. We are sleeping in a bed that’s not so new now and we actually roll to the middle… My fiancé says he sometimes hanging on to the edge of the bed😜 

It’s expensive to move, but we are 4 ppl so it’s easier to manage. Is it a bit scary that we’re gonna share a flat? Ofc!! Have to be considerate and everyone need their privacy. That’s why we have tv on the bedroom👍 But I believe this is gonna work out just fine. I’m the only one who’s home every day, so I get a lot of privacy….

So actually, this day started of good. It was still sunny in the morning and we went out for breakfast ofc at Black Gold. To sit outside in shorts and eat with 28 degrees in October is the best . ( good we enjoyed it since now it’s cold,windy and came some rain)

Tell me what you’re plans are for the weekend?



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  1. Lovely flat!! 28 degrees, lucky you! Grey and cold today in Oslo, 2-3 degrees in the morning, summer has definitely gone. My plan for the weekend includes the kids activities, reading, running and writing my next blog post 🙂 Enjoy yours!

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    1. Ty so much;) brrr yes that’s norway in October… sounds like you’re having nice plans😉 enjoy and looking forward to reading you’re post❤️


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