When a blog hits you hard!

I really have to share this story. Today I read a blog and it made me sit here in tears. It was so strong and honest it hit my heart. You can read it here: 

Read me 
Kerry’s blog
If this doesn’t make your heart beat faster and tears in your eyes I don’t know what’s gonna do it. 

I’m a mom myself and I don’t have my children living with me because of my illness. It was my own choice and I’m going to do a post about it later. So I can really relate to this as a mom, woman and person. The feelings she wrote here is as raw and honest as it can get!! And this is takes a lot of  courage and strength to share. 

Her blog is amazing and plz give her some feedback on this❤️ I think she’s doing an amazing job and it makes me feel not alone. Having someone and something to relate to is really important when you’re struggling with some mental issues.  If we all can share more and help each other, we might make some changes how many ppl look at mental issues!!

So plz again read her poem and feel free to share your thoughts💚


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