Birgu candlelight feast❤️

Good evening all you Lovely followers:) Today i want to share with you This amazing saturday We had. This is also one of the need to experience when you’re in Malta. Like every other festivas they have here, they made this just perfect. 

Birgu Fest:

The Birgu Fest is a three-day event in the quaint harbour town of Birgu (also known as Vittoriosa). One of the highlights of the festivities is the Birgu by Candle Light, when the streets and narrow lanes of Birgu are deprived of their normal electricity lights to be lit instead by thousands of candles. It is a night to remember when Birgu is literally seen under a different light and appreciated even more for its historical heritage.
Traditional and more commercial food stalls fill the square and some museums and churches are open until late. Musical entertainment is the highlight of the evening, which is usually held in Victory Square.

To walk around here was something completely diffirent. The Maltese always use a lot of lights , no matter what occasion or season it is.

And the candy !!!! Just check this out:

I can promise you this was hard to walk away from. You could also get almost any kind of food. So if you ever going to a festiva in Malta , you will never go home hungry….

As you can see, even the police take a pit stop at the food stands😉

And for us as a couple this was so incredible romantic. Walking around in the dark with all this candles, holding hands and just enjoy. Malta I will say is really a good place for couples to travel. The romance is everywhere and it’s free!!!

Hope you enjoyed the post and had an amazing weekend:)



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