Casual summer outfit ☀️

Yeah I know it’s October, but lucky for me it’s still sunny and 24 degrees here:) if you’re like and easily freeze, move to Malta !! And I love that I can wear shorts and dresses every day. Usually I don’t like to wear all white, but this casual and comfy outfit just feels good. And even better when you get a nice tan;)

I can tell you first I’m not at all confident and have my body issues like everyone else. So when I share my outfit, it means I’m having a good day and feel great💙 

My fiancé love these shorts, and ofc that makes me wear it more often!!! I bought this in Norway and it’s a size 44 actually. A bit big but I like it loose. 

What’s you’re favorite summer outfit??? 

Have a great afternoon all❤️



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