Let’s celebrate our mental illness!!

Celebrate?? Yes I know it sounds kinda crazy. But just think about it this way:

For way to long, ppl with mental illness has feel ashamed, diffirent , worthless and they have to fight so hard to get their sickness accepted. So many times I have explained myself and felt embarrassed for my issues. Why? I shouldn’t have to explain myself?

You look so young and healthy, how can you be sick??

This was the exact words from a woman who was gonna handle my appliance for disability money. It hit me hard. How could this person who were suppose to have read my case and know my story, sit there and make me feel like I was lying?

This is one of the many problems ppl with mental illness meet out there. Either it’s work, new ppl or even family. After so many excuses and lies, you come to a polling where you just open up and tell it how it is. You’re tired of putting the mask on… cry behind close doors or feel alone in this big world!!

So I say let’s celebrate!!! We are so strong!! Look back and see what you’ve been going trough. You have survived the biggest storms , and got yourself back up over and over again!!

Be proud!!

I know … it’s hard … But be proud of everything you have accomplished . You know so much that others never going to learn. You have the ability to help others by sharing your story. Be a voice out there for all the others who just started their journey. You are a person with big emotions, and they are a blessing !! 

In a earlier post I wrote about how I felt ashamed and useless . How hard it was to be close to someone because of the constant fear of being left! To love someone with mental illness can be hard from time to time. But they also get a kind of love that’s so intense and real. 

So again… celebrate … enjoy your life… good and bad💙 You deserve all the best and your illness is only a part of you!!

Don’t let the illness be what defines you!!

I be happy if you will share your feelings or thoughts about this!! Be proud with me❤️

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