Weekend update

Good evening my lovely ppl. I really hope you all had a wonderful weekend and maybe you did something fun? 

I didn’t blog all weekend since we had our precious quality time. With a week full of moving, cleaning and stress, we decided this was gonna be our time. 

First I just have to share a picture of our new apartment. 

I can’t wait to move in here!! And you can see why? It’s all brand new and it’s a huge penthouse. We’re gonna share with another couple, but it’s big enough for all of us. And even better we gonna save a lot of money!!!

So on Saturday we just walk around after breakfast at Black Gold.  Sat down on a bench by the water and just talked for a long time. My baby put he’s arms around me and for the first time in weeks I really felt relaxed.

Haha we are a couple crazy for sweets and I bought this mini doughnuts. Well, they disappeared pretty fast, because as you can see , someone loved them too much😁

On Sunday it was even hotter outside , so we need up sitting out on the terrace and talk. Had some cold drinks and listened to music. Life was just perfect!!

Well, except we waited to long to put on sun lotion so we both got pretty pink😂 

My fiancé got so sun burned he still is in pain!! Couldn’t even shower properly today. Poor guy:( well, we have hopefully learned now, that even in October , the sun in Malta is extremely dangerous. And therefor we used the rest of the evening watching a serie and just relaxed on the couch.

Tell me what you did this weekend???

Have a nice one!!

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      1. Thanks! Yeah, I recommend just spending some time messing around on here, because it can get confusing! But your blog is great, really!

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      2. Ty so much;) yeah it’s confusing and I have the free version so it’s still a bit boring. I just love to write❤️ I loved your blog also and I will follow and maybe I get some advice also on the road😌

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      3. Sounds great! We followed you too! Can’t wait to read more of your posts! So entertaining + seriously love the pictures.


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