To much to do and so little time🙈

Hello hello and good morning from Malta . It’s not going to be the best or longest post from me the next few days. We’re in the middle of our first moving and with two apartments to fix it’s a bit stressful. And ofc a storm decided to hit our small island yesterday and it keeps on going. 

So to move with a small convertible takes time😂

Lucky for us it stopped to rain a few hours yesterday so we managed to drive twice with some stuff . The most important like computer and clothes and all other electronics😂

Our old place is a huge mess and I can tell you I really don’t look forward to clean it!! Wish I could hire someone to do it for me!! It’s so big and have two large mirrors by the kitchen. Actually from roof to the floor. Well, I’m gonna get trough this also…..

Here you see where we live now.. our home for like 3,5 weeks. It’s a penthouse, but because of the weather I can’t really enjoy it yet.

So today I’m gonna play some nice music, just pull up the sleeves and make this happen!!!

Hope you have a great day 😉

Any good music suggestions??? Feel free to tell me😉


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