To much to do!!!

Hello all;) hope your weekend was great and that your week is not as stressful as ours…. We have decided to save some money and move in with another couple. And this is just until we all togheter will find our dream place 😉 And I must just say it’s so much nice out there when you can share a bigger place.

So this week will be full of packing, moving and cleaning. And also have viewings on new apartments… On top of this my fiancé has just started in he’s new job today… Poor baby he was like a kid on he’s first day of school;)

well, our life never gets boring😜 

But what to do when my body is not cooperating?? I’m usually so good at this!! Now I feel totally without energy, so need to kick myself a bit to get started…

Any good advice perhaps?? Any good songs I can play to get my mood up?? Because I don’t think sitting on the couch and watching Netflix gonna make my clothes get in the suitcase 😂

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