Sunday 💚

Happy happy Sunday all you lovely ppl. What are you up to today?? Havin a major hangover?? Or just snacks and laying on the couch?? 

Our Sunday is definitely couch and a movie 😉 my fiancé wanted to have a Harry Potter marathon , so the hours is gonna fly by I guess;)

Our weekend was not the most exiting, but a lot has happened. We have decided to move in with another couple, so we’re out there looking at new apartments. An Update about this will come in the following week;)

I just have to brag about the dinner we made last night!!! I mean, just look at it😜

Who needs an expensive visit to a restaurant, when you can have a lovely date night at home?? We love to make food togheter. It’s our time!! Play music, flirting and  just bonding. And oboy my man can cook!!! No wonder I have started to gain weight😂😂😂

Well, until next time…. enjoy you’re day💚

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