Today i wanna do a bit different blog. I’m not a beauty blogger, but i’m still a girl:P And when you don’t have the money to go to a professional every month,you do your best to make yourself feel good:)

I see so many girls here in Malta with the most beautiful nails of all colors and patterns. Often really long and sharp,but still i love them.

But I’m not quite there that I’m able to have such blasted as I always have my hands in a sink and is extremely clumsy. Then I have my own little manicure and fix frenchtip in a very easy way.

This is what i do:

Start by washing your hands and lubricate them with a good hand cream. Then I use a light file and then  a polish file.

Then a good nail oil is important. Got one from one of my girlfriends, and  I just love it.

It retracts quickly and prevents the nails from splitting and turns yellow. Extra important to use for those who change colors often.

After this it is clear for the french tip. Then I use a pen purchased in a perfume shop.Provides a better and steady result than regular paint brushes. (At least I think) This is purchased on the Vita exclusive. About 10 euros. Or you get them in most perfumes at the same price. Just be aware that they can easily dry out and test it from time to time.

This dries very fast, so you can quickly apply a light pink or transparent polish on top to get the more natural finish;)

i think the result looks great even though it only last from 5-7 days,But you save money ,and  eventually your hand will become more steady. I also think that some self-care is in place when you are a girl;) And its fun to mix colors,or try out a new look:)

Here is my result:

So get out the nailpolish and files… and play with patterns and colors:)

xoxo TINA ❤

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