What a wake up call!

Dreams aren’t always just dreams…. For me most of my dreams are trying to tell me something, or my mind is processing. I can wake up from a nightmare or a nice dream, just to shake your head and wonder…

But the latest dream I had this morning really got to me. Made me realize my mind is working on stuff from my past.

Here it goes:

I was in a big house with a few other ppl. Still I ended up alone in the basement. Outside there was some persons sneaking around and I knew they were looking for me. I felt desperate, small and the fear was so real. The basement was like an apartment and in the living room I run to the window to lock it. But none of the locks worked!! And suddenly someone was there, staring at me! But without a face!!! I tried one last time in desperation, to lock the window. But I understood I had to hide. I ran to the closest room… And again there was no lock at the door. I used all my strength to hold the door while the person behind it pushed and pushed. I couldn’t breathe!!!

Suddenly a knife came trough the door and I grab the arm , and tried to bite!!! But no strength!! I couldn’t even leave a small mark. Was like someone sucked out all I had to fight with. When the door broke down I froze in worst fear… and then I woke up!!!

My conclusion:

After catching my breath it all came clear to me! I remember this house. It was the one from my childhood. And this was not a happy, safe or good place for me those years. I grew up in a foster home filled with fear, loneliness and tried to survive all that happend . The basement were a copy in my dream. I hated that basement. 

So it seem like my memories are coming back. And it brings all the feelings back ,and no wonder I feel like I have no control over my emotions or anger. It’s so scary that this is happening now. I dream almost every night and mostely nightmares. Makes me exhausted . 

This is a bit hard to say out loud, but it’s better than be alone with your thoughts and frightness.

If you have any other ideas or suggestion about this dream, you’re welcome to leave a comment!

Stay strong!!!



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  1. That is so intense! In order to let our past go, we have to face it. Your dreams may make it easier in a way. There are so many layers to the events that have hurt us. I try to stay in the present as much as possible.

    Thanks for bringing this link to the party!

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