Back in Malta❤️

Good evening all and hope you’re having a great start on the week;) Im now laying on the couch with my fiancé next to me ,watching a serie. The lasagna is in the oven and it’s all chill.

After a long trip yesterday i was finally back in Malta around 1.30 am. So tired and hungry it felt awesome to come home and go to bed.

Today my better half had the day off so we decided to enjoy the sun, and 35*c to the fullest. Had breakfast ofc at the same place as always (Black Gold ) and then we just drove out to Dingli Cliffs.

Look here

We have visit this place before, but it still takes my breath away❤️ Here was the place I got my first flower from my man;) I still got it actually;)

Just look at this:

Short info about Dingli Cliffs:

Dingli was named after either the Maltese architect Tommaso Dingli (1591–1666) or his 16th-century English namesake Sir Thomas Dingley, who lived nearby. It’s a quiet village with not much to it, apart from a new, recommended farm restaurant. But less than a kilometre to the southwest the land falls away at the spectacular 220m-high Dingli Cliffs. A potholed tarmac road runs along the top of the cliffs, and it’s well worth heading here for some great walks south, past the incongruous radar tower to the lonely little 17th-century Chapel of St Mary Magdalene and onwards to Ta’Żuta (253m), the highest point on the Maltese Islands. Here you’ll enjoy excellent views along the coast to the tiny island of Filfla.


We decided to eat lunch on a lovely restaurant up here. The food is really great, and the prices fordable. If I have to say one negative thing about this restaurant it’s that the service are not the best. You have to be prepeared to wait a while for the food and drinks. Not to much smiles from the waitresses either. ( This is important to me)

Look here

But all togheter it’s worth the wait and when you’re eating a lunch with the pretty view , you really relax. So it’s one of the must see in Malta!!!

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