Day 4 in Norway ❤️

Hello all and happy Saturday . Hope you all had some fun or feel relaxed today;) that’s what weekends at for right?? 

Here in Norway it’s still so damn cold and no sun. But we still had some fun plans and we really enjoyed ourself;) Got up pretty early( after 4 hours sleep) and went out to check out the “Bread and Circus” even here in Årnes. Yes Its a Weird name, But they have This event every year. It’s basically food from farms and they sell ham and other good food. There’s clowns for the kids, and even some sheeps and a horse😂 At night there’s music and joy for the grown up.

This place is on the country so usually not much to do here, so this events are huge for the ppl here….

Here my boys are eating something called Sveler . It’s like a pancake only sweeter;)

After that we took the train to Oslo for some fun time ( again) at the trampoline park!!! They always wanna go there so they get what they want;)

This is a really good place to take your kids and let them get rid of some energy while you just lean back and relax. Ofc there’s pretty much noice, but when you’re a parent you are use to that😂

So after that it was just to get home and have som Taco for dinner☺️

Keep on smiling and enjoy the evening!!!

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