Day 3 in Norway 💚

Friday already!!! Wow feels like we’re racing trough the days now, but we still got the whole weekend left. 
This day started of with the alarm at 7.30 and I definitely didn’t wanna wake up. But my son had school so no mercy there. I tried to go back to bed , but to late. I was wide awake and my nephew and niese was really awake!!!

So me and my sweet BFF got up and decided to go out and just be social;) Coffee and some windows shopping;)

Two darn pretty girls, if I may say so myself;) Feels good to put on make up and see ppl, even though the bed was more tempting many times. 

Rest of the day we spent with all of our kids at McDonald’s and with some snacks and tv👍

Tomorrow we are ready for more fun and quality time:) have a great Friday y’all !!!

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