Day 2 in Norway☺️

Aaah finally it’s close to bedtime… I’m so tired today after another night without a good 8 hours of rest. Wish it was just one night, but after three weeks I’m getting kind of stressed.  Well, not much to do about it. 

So day 2 in Norway and didn’t spent to much time on the couch…  My nephew woke me up and after we drove him and he’s sister to kindergarten , it was time to go shopping. We picked up another friend and went to the mall in Strømmen. This is a place close to Oslo. 

New Yorker
We often go There to shop at New Yorker. Just love that store…. Cheap and good sizes. And as always we had breakfast at Egons. Mmmm love to eat out;) 

Rest of the day has been filled up with a lot of chatting and the house has been full of kids and friends;)And my son wanted to fix he’s hair, so we made him more blond;)

So this was my day… As normal as it can get actually!! Have a great night all. I’m off to bed soon…

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