Day 1 in Norway 💙

Good evening all and hope you’re having a great time wherever you are… Here I am in Norway and had a really awesome day( cold thou with only 10 degrees ) ! Started off with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a chat with my bff. Later breakfast on our local cafe with more friends. 

And finally my kids came and felt so awesome to hug them again. No matter how big they get, they are never getting to old for hugs and kisses from their mom💙

Since my son turned 15 in august, we celebrated today since I wasn’t here that day. First we went swimming and after that all of us went to a restaurant for a nice meal.

AS you can see we really know how to have a good time. As long as we’re together it’s usually enough;) And ho wouldn’t feel good with this guys???

My son wished for a new pair of jeans and he just loved them.. He’s almost a man now and fashion gets more important to him. As long as he’s happy I’m happy😀

So now we are looking forward to the weekend with more fun and spending quality time together . To see them so little can be hard so need to make every second count!!! Time is precious.

My bff and her boyfriend fixed the basement for us so it’s now more like an apartment, and we love it!!

Well time for some football again so until then take care y’all 🙂

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