Off to Norway😍

Good afternoon all and hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday. Right now I’m at the airport in Malta and soon to be boarding my flight to Frankfurt and then to Oslo . It’s crowded as hell and I just wanna get this trip over with. I hate to fly and since I have to take to flights it’s even more stressful.

But in the end it’s really worth it. I get to see my lovely kids that I miss so much. It’s been far to long since I last saw them now so these days is precious. We’re gonna celebrate my sons 15th birthday and swim and just have so much fun. 

I’m gonna miss my fiancé ofc. It’s hard to be away from him too. But that’s how it works when you have two life. 

And it’s a bit boring to sit inside here , waiting to board my delayed flight while outside its hot and sunny!!! Had to put on my jeans and sweater since it’s more like 14 degrees in Norway . And I managed to forget my jacket at home before we left😂 it’s so typical me!!! 

But now we are boarding so have a nice one y’all 😉 More pictures and updates from Norway is coming soon!

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