Super Sunday ⚽️

Good afternoon sweet ppl… It’s Sunday or actually Super Sunday;) In our home that means cold beer, football and the highest level of excitement . My man is one of the biggest football fans I’ve ever met and the team ??? 

Manchester United ⚽️

Today’s match is against Everton

This match is pretty special since our best time scorer on United, Wayne Rooney, is now back in Everton after 13 years in United.

My very first jersey ever was actually Rooney nr 10. It was Christmas present from my man and I loved it. I have never been a huge football fan , but since my fiancé introduced me to it in he’s own way, I have found myself screaming and cheering like any other fan😜

Haha I can never reach my mans level of engagement to this sport, but I really love that I can share he’s passion and I know this means a lot to him. 

So it’s close to half time now and we scored already 2,5 min after start… will we get our 3 points today?? 

⚽️ glory glory ⚽️

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