Lazy days Are awesome

Aaah sometimes there’s nothing better than having a lazy day. Sleep until you’re rested and eat a late breakfast . I believe they call it brunch😂 And watch a serie or movie while we play our silly mobile game…. (feels like we are teenagers sometimes)

Ofc we didn’t spent the whole day on the couch. We actually went for a walk in the neighborhood just to get some fresh air. Well, how fresh is it when it’s high humidity and like 30 degrees outside.. sweating like a pig!

Since my feet felt sore my fiancé made me a nice bobbeling foot bath and started the dinner;) Yes I know, I’m really spoiled sometimes… So there I was just lazy and feeling my feet get smooth and less sore. And I had my FaceTime moment with my youngest son, who always makes my day better❤️

In this house we share everything. Also when it comes to cleaning or making dinner. Usually I clean more , but since I don’t work that’s only fair. 

Dinner today was so incredible good!! 

Spareribs, salad and baked potato. He also made his amazing garlic butter so this was an explosion of taste in my mouth….

Now rest of the evening it’s just me and him with a new serie, Passengers:) 

Enjoy your Friday night all!!!

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    1. I USE a peeling shower gel from Palmolive…:) but you can use real bath salt for feet. And then a good foot cream 🙂 ask your pharmacy , they have a lot of good products for your feet.😀

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