Simple is best

Some days Are Worse than others , and lately they have been a bit hard to handle . So much to fix and I’ve been a lot alone when my man works he’s shift. Specially the night shift makes us both a bit cranky and tired. 

So yesterday we just did the simplest thing and it didn’t cost anything at all:)  Took something to drink with us and went down to Ta’ Xbiex marina.. I just wanted to feel the sun on my skin, the warm water on my feet and spend some quality time with my fiancé 😉

Last year we use to live in Msida and I went down here to swim almost every day.. There’s no sand beach but it’s good enough to lay on the rocks.

 So i also experienced something new yesterday. The tide came and it’s amazing to see how Mother Nature works. It’s huge power in the water and I wondered why I have never seen this before. 

Water is so relaxing and a kind of meditation . We sat there for almost two hours and I felt my whole body relax. And for me that’s not an everyday luxury. 

Ofc we had to have some fun too and when you are in the water you can see a lot of fish. We also had a scrimp who actually tried to eat of my bf toes:p And for the first time ever in Malta I saw a crab… we tried to get it out from the rocks but it was a hard fight…haha

So if you’re stressed or don’t have money to do stuff, it’s so many things you can do without money. Walk in the Forrest or just go outside and feel the nature give you peace and energy. To lock yourself inside will make you worse in the end. 

We are lucky to be living in Malta who’s a paradise and even we forget sometimes what we actually got. 

Have a beautiful Sunday all;)

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