Thunderstorm= Me time❤️

Well well so finally it came… Now I know why I’ve had a insane headache for a couple of days.. It’s been some clouds coming in and yesterday it rain a few drops, but we could see there was more to come!

So just after  my fiancé went to work Thor starts riding over the sky and the lightning came closer. The rain came pouring down and I just love it!!! 

My absolute favorite part about a thunderstorm is to put on a real chick serie/movie, make myself a big cup of hot chocolate and light up candles all over the apartment..😉

I used to be afraid of this kind of weather and ofc if I’m not in a «safe» place I still am. But before I couldn’t even be home alone and used to hide under the sheets. Haha such a big wimp…

As you can see I am really relaxing now and watching Gilmore Girls. ( I watch it only when my man is at work) Ofc I miss the sun a bit already , but as long as theres nothing I can do about it I might as well enjoy my self:)

Hope you are having a great day and it’s Friday ppl🎉🎉

Thanx for following me;)

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