Santa Marija Festiva 2017

The 14 august there was another city party in Malta, and this time one of the bigger ones. And several cities at the same time. We chose to travel to a small and beautiful city called Mqabba.      video mqabba 2017 firework   (Slightly unsure how it is said but;) This is a pretty small town with only 3300 inhabitants on the south side of Malta. No modern building. they have really kept the beautiful facades and small towns charm . Amazing indeed, how many little places you can go to look at here.

And the sight that met us was amazing. All the buildings in all the towns were decorated with lights, garlands and stalls. Felt  like Christmas and new year at once! The Maltese people really are artistic about their festivas and decorations.


We finally found the place where everyone gathered to watch the fireworks. It only ranks with people and easy to see this is a great event for residents as well as for the tourists. Many had chairs and I eventually realized that the legs became quite tired after standing so long.

After lots of talk that felt like eternity, they put on fireworks !! The first round was to the music of Pirates of the Caribbean and No. 2 with the Star Wars music. Something so incredibly synchronized and spectacular I have never experienced. Video of the fireworks can be seen on my Instagram!: here:


Was pretty romantic to stand there with my better half and watch the color bright up the sky.. you forget about everything else and just enjoy the moment ❤

I really hope you guys are enjoying my blogs and this will tempt you more to come and visit this gorgeous island. you really are in for a big treat and if you’re in love this is the place to celebrate it for real ❤


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