Best hairdresser in Malta!!!

I wanna dedicate this blog to my fiancé and my hairdresser here in Swieqi! They really made me look good;)  I have been all black for many years now and wanted to be red and bright! 

And here is a bit of a commercial for the salon; it’s has the best chairs I have ever sit on. It massages your back when they wash your hair. It’s clean and the prices are good!; Great service and you get what you want.  I have my favorite now so ofc I’m using just her 😉 

Link: JG hair and sunglasses 👍

Just to let you know it takes some patience to get there. Started out with rounds of bleaching and then two boxes of bright red color from eBay. 

But I wasn’t finished yet. I wanted something ombré and went to my hairdresser at JG Hair And Sunglasses here in Swieqi and she really fixed it up!! Ofc my bright red took some black when we colored the roots so she used a bright and sparky red also. And the result were amazing!!!! 

Just look at this!!!
I felt so good when I walked out of the salon. And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? To do something new and make you smile when you look in the mirror. I think a lot of ppl underestimate the power of hair. It can change a lot for you . So go on and do something good for yourself. We all deserve it and to have your hair washed and fixed makes a normal day like a little spa day ☺️

Ofc I need to go back every month since I’m naturally blond and to fresh up the red. But I love it and it’s my time that 90 min I’m in the chair;)

Love and peace



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