I’m freakin engaged!!!

This is not going to be a blog about the most romantic proposal you have ever heard of but for me it’s really something I will remember! So here we go…

Few weeks ago I started to plan and think about proposing to my boyfriend . Why not wait for him to pop the question you might think? Ofc I could wait and dream about how it would be and get high expectations. I know he would’ve done something nice and personal and romantic. But why should it always be the guy? 

I’m not like every other girl that I can promise you, so I thought I want this man and don’t waste time on thinking anymore. Me and my bf often talk about how every time we plan something , things almost never go that way. It’s like the universe are on a mission to test or havin fun with us.

So I took charge of my own dreams and took a chance. I ordered rings for us and waited. Lucky for me they arrived when he wasn’t home . But a lot happens and I postpone my plans. My first plan was to propose in Manchester in uniteds locker room. He is a big fan and we had plans to go there for a match on he’s birthday. Since that wasn’t gonna happen now I thought when is the perfect moment? Is there actually a perfect moment? 

The rest is not really exciting but I got my yes!!!❤️ And after he told me he already knew what I was planning to do this last days. And here I was all nervous and so afraid to be turned down. 

I think we are the «perfect» couple. When I’m weak he is strong! Ofc we argue and have to work as any other couple. But every time we get closer and we learn more and more how to live with our differences. 

So today is a happy day!! I’m going to be a wife and I’m so proud of the man I chose💜

Live and love


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