They will not tell you, you need to ask more then once!

Well Well, today i woke up in a major pain and the night has not been a nice one. And Thats just not because i removed two moles yesterday. It actually ended up with the cost of over 600€!!! Yes you read it right. It’s totally insane. And I feel it’s my own fault actually.

A few weeks ago I went to a dermatologist because i have a lot of moles, and also 10 years ago I had a melanom so I’m really careful. I’m from Norway and not used to so much sun so I want to check more often now. Even got a lot of skin cancer in my family.

I went to St. Andrews clinic in swieqi and yes I know that’s a private clinic. The consulation was 46€ and that’s a normal price for a specialist. And he told me he wanted to remove two but I needed to come later to the hospital. Ok that’s fine. 

Since I always want to know what thing is going to cost me and I’m a bit control freak I called the hospital and ask how much it all going to cost me. Answer I got was between 60 and 90€. Since I didn’t got my paycheck yet I had to rebook.

So yesterday me and my bf went down to st. James hospital and this we know is also private so I had 150€ with me just in case. 

He removed the moles and this for me is kind of stressful because of my anxiety and I’m not a big fan of doctors. Everything went well and my bf got the papers while the doctor told me what to do and not to do.

First thing my bf said when we were out of the office;: you need to sit down baby. And he showed me the bill!!! 305€!!!! Omg I felt my stomach turned . I got really sad and angry. This is not what I’ve been told at all.

I went to the reception and felt the tears coming and got even more stressed . Now the anxiety was close. I told the women and asked what am I suppose to do? I don’t have that kind of money. And then I even got more depressing news. The 305€ was only the doctor. The two moles for the laboratorie was also 95€ each and then 95€ to the hospital!!! I broke down and I felt so helpless. 

The woman in the reception went back and talked to someone and asked us to come. I sat there crying and couldn’t even breathe. Lucky for me I had my bf with me and he was so calm and did everything he could. 

I had to step out for a minute and I went back to the doctor and asked straight out why he didn’t tell me it was going to cost me so much? He’s answer was so inhuman : » If you had ask me I would’ve told you!» What kind of a doctor is this.??

Lucky for us the hospital helped us and we got a down payment . All togheter was over 650€ and that’s almost half of my income. They were actually even chocked how high the bill was.

So the pain I feel now is a constant reminder that you have to ask and ask until you get ALL answer and know they understand exactly what you are asking for!!!

Since I’m still «Norwegian» I don’t have the full insurance here so don’t get anything back. But after this I learned the hard way and I am going to do a really good research on every doctor and the costs. 

One other thing is that the doctor NEVER gave my any other options to choose from. And that he expected me to be the one asking about everything. When you are suffering from strong anxiety just going to the doctor can be extremely difficult .

Hopefully there is nothing wrong with the moles and I can move on from this. Ofc after I paid it all!

Be aware and take care:)


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