Relax it’s Sunday 

Sunday and that’s always our day for chilling . Usually our «sundays» can come on a Monday or Wednesday since my man is working shifts. So it was actually pretty good to have it on the actual day.

So what do we usually do on a Sunday? Not so much I can tell you. We either pick up food or order it in. Lay on the couch with a good serie and ( to much) candy;) And to cuddle up with my man makes any day better.

In the beginning we started to watch to many series at the same time so this one we are actually going to finish. This is such a cute one so have to watch the final chapter;)

Today we drove down  to Sliema and I picked up some mcdonalds and a couple of donuts… junk is not good but sometimes just taste like heaven for me. Ofc after we ate both of us fell asleep on the couch. Not the most exciting couple sometimes, but our moments is precious.

One other bad habits we have specially on sundays is to play stupid and addictive games on our phones. I bet you know of them: candy crush and farm hero saga…. sometimes you can hear a scream of you whenever one of us finally made it to the next chapter.


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