To be spoiled by your love❤️

After many days in a low place and a lot to work out my man really spoiled me! I’m not a material girl but who doesn’t love to get gifts? I mean last night when I was laying there and felt really bad and so blue, he showed up after his own doctor appointment with this big and beautiful bouquet of flowers:He was so sweet and was so happy when he saw my smile and face light up. It doesn’t take a lot to change someone’s day and he did it just right.

And today after my hair appointment we went out for breakfast and after that he took me shopping!! I’m a girl so shoes, perfume and a bag is bullseye;)

So today it’s a much better day. Not just because he gave me gifts but it’s all about the time and effort to make me smile and feel good. That’s called love❤️

And now he got his time. With football match and beer with a good mate. Hopefully we will win today!! Glory Glory Man United⚽️⚽️⚽️


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