Happy birthday to you🎉🎂

wow today my second son is 15 years old!! last year in secondary school and soon the whole world is before hes feet. He is so smart and creativ ,and this is going to be an exciting journey to follow.IMG_0044

Feels like it was yesterday he was borned,and like every other mom i think :where did the time go? They grow up way to fast and from 15 to 18 where you actally are an adult in Norway is just a few years to go! am i ready for him to become an adult? haha never:P I still kinda getting used to that my oldest one is closer to 19:PWhen he was a baby he was a real mommy’s boy and in many ways he still is. he refused to sleep in his own bed and followed me around everywhere. best is he love to cuddle,but now im the one with my head in he’s lap:P He has become so tall and before the summer he grow from he’s aunt isabell:)

As you can see he is a wonderful boy and im so proud of him. Takes care of everyone around him and wants everything to be done right. Sometimes you almost think he is not there:P Really quiet and loves to play onlinegames and watch youtube. Bet he is going to work with IT when he gets older. And he is really good so that would be a great career.

He got a big family even not all are blood relatet. But that doesnt matter at all for him. If he loves you he will always take care of you and just show you how amzing he is<3

No matter how tall,old or big he will always be my little boy!

So happy birthday my sweet son. I love you to the moon and back ❤

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