Happy birthday mom <3

This blog today is for me really difficult to write and after edited it like a hundred times i ended up with this short one.

Today my dear mom would have been 61 years old and this day its harder then usual to not be able to call her. She passed away when i was just a little girl ( 7 actually) and i never got the chance to know her for real. I dont wanna use this blog to write about the sad parts so to you mom: happy birthday and hope you are there watching over me and my loved ones.

Many say i look a lot like my mom and i love to hear that. feels like she is still living trough me. And no matter what those memories i have will be shared to my own kids.Ofc they wanna know about grandma when they never got the chance to meet her.

So to all of you i will say: take good care of the one you love and treasure every moment ❤

Tina ❤


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