It’s been a while since last post…

A lot has happened since last post. Already had my vacation with my kids back home in Norway and here in Malta the heatwave is just kicking me all out!!! There are a few reasons why I haven’t posted anything. First I also have a Norwegian blog I try to make good and I also have a rough period still with my head. (It will not make it easy on me)

But still we manage to have some good times and do stuff.

We went to isle of MTV and that was fun. Not all my kind of music but just to be there and shake some ass was awesome.

And I also got to do some shopping when my bf is at work. And like most girls I looove to shop. And I found this beautiful dress in paceville❤️Gonna come back with more about my vacation with my kids and be more active with my blog then I have so far;)
See ya💜

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