My boyfriends 2 favorite dresses 💜

I remember when I was a little girl we always loved to dress up. We found old dresses and curtains just to be the sweetest princess 👸 when I got a bit older and gained a lot of weight I start using baggy clothes. I was ashamed and hid my body. But finally my best friend start to make me wear clothes that fit me. I lost a lot of weight but struggled to see it myself.


So she took me shopping and I often try out her dresses she had bought. And these two in the pictures are my boyfriend absolutely favorite. The look on his face when I’m wearing them is priceless. And that makes me feel so sexy and pretty.

This two I bought in a store in Norway called New Yorker. It’s cheap and with normal sizes.

All girls should have at least one dress that feels special and worth a million bucks. 💜

So no matter what size or shape. Wear what makes you a princess. Wear your crown and show the world you love yourself. 

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