Something i just GOT to deal with

Well once again one of this bad days. So sick and tired. My head and body won’t cooperate. Outside it’s warm and sunny and here I am. On the couch with my anxiety og headache.  Why can’t you just leave me alone??is it to much to ask for a day without all the pain and stress?yesterday was a bit better since I managed to get my hair done and actually had som energy. But today right back at beginning point. I know ofc this will someday soon change and I will get my high period. And those I love. I get so social and wanna do everything.

When you’re struggling with this mental Illnesses you out on your mask and hope no one will see how much pain your in. You use all your energy to act like you’re not sick. Ofc we all have some ppl around us we can show our true self to.

But I never give up. I brush off and move on. Just remember it’s ok to feel this way. Ok to have days you can’t handle more then get out of bed.

Treat yourself good.


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