Me time

Yesterday I had a rough evening and night and f lt it was to much to handle. When I’m so much alone when my bf is working late shift it can be unbearable. I usually like to have my alone time but not when the depression and anxiety takes over. So today I did something just for me.

After a nice lunch and quality time with my love I went to the hair studio next to my apartment and lucky for me she had time for me. To sit down in that big comfortable chair with massage was just perfect. She washed and massaged my head. I could feel my shoulders came down and headache disappear.

So after 90 min with all this luxurious treatment and haircut I felt like a new woman. And went home with a smile;)

So my message here is whenever you had a rough time and came out of it just do yourself something good. You have to take care of yourself to keep yourself going.

We are worth it!!!

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